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Sri Lanka 

We have visited Sri Lanka half a dozen times and plan to visit several times a year in the future. On each visit new relationships are forged and existing relationships reinforced. Hope plans to continue sending teams to work alongside the Community Concern Society in feeding the hungry, working with drug addicts, destitute children, the abused, victims of disease and homelessness. 



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Colombo, Sri Lanka

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020 8998 8020


Sri Lanka Thanks Hope

In 2012 a team from Hope went to work with the Community Concern Society in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After returning to England we recieved a a heart warming letter.

Dear Hope Team

We do not have words to thank you for the tremendous blessing you have been to the children, community and staff. Each morning your love and smiles greeted us warming our hearts and wrapping us like a warm blanket.

We thank you for the numerous times you leant a hand whether it be in the Feeding programme, Senior Citizens, the Baby Clinic, Lak Daruwo or the Medical room.

We also thank you for the funds provided, climbing frame, medical room and haircuts. We appreciate you having spent your valuable time and giving so abundantly from your heart.

We already miss you and look forward to spending time with you next time too.

Thank you for you generosity.

Yours Sincerely,

Nirmala De Silva  

Get Involved

We plan to take another team from Hope in late October. If you are interested in helping the poor and needy in Sri Lanka and would like the experience of an overseas mission then please say hello :)

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