Our Story

After working as a pastor for 23 years in Uxbridge, West London. I accepted the pastorate of Greenford Gospel Church. In 2005 another church was established called Hope Community Church which I have pastored for 8 years. We had received a number of prophecies regarding the church indicating that God has established us to raise up an “Apostolic House.”

God gave us a ministry centre in Perivale from where we are reaching out into the immediate community. Café Rendezvous is the hub of this outreach from which teams go into the community; we also receive many visitors. Not restricted to the immediate area we have visited six nations overseas, some more than once, and established strong ties which enable us to build on in the future. We believe we are to preach the Gospel both home and abroad.

The Church in the UK faces strong opposition and many challenges that seek to neutralise its mission and render it impotent. At Hope we will overcome these obstacles, by God’s grace, and step out in faith taking the glorious message of the gospel to the lost. We are not so big that one could easily get lost in the numbers while not being so small that we feel overwhelmed by the task. Joining Hope means you are wanting to make a change in your community and the world. Philip Edwards Pastor

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