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Operation Christmas Child

The mission of Operation Christmas Child is to reach the world’s children, to show them God’s love and to tell them about Jesus. One way in which you can help us at Hope to achieve this is by making a simple gift-filled shoebox full of ‘goodies’ for boys and girls around the world this Christmas. For many children in poverty stricken countries where the boxes are sent, your shoebox could be the only present they receive this Christmas – that is really awesome!



Please contact us for details.

Various Locations

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020 8998 8020


Humphrey's Big Surprise!
‘What’s this?!’ thought Humphrey, as he opened his gift box one Saturday in February in the school at Harber village, on the Firestone rubber plantation. He pulled out a jelly-like object with lots of tentacles and began inspecting it. It had a nice feel to it, but seemed a little odd. Humphrey was about to put it down to explore the rest of his gifts when a volunteer showed Humphrey there was more to his jelly-tentacle object than met the eye! A firm squeeze showed how it could blow out into a big bubble – amazing! And a quick bounce on the table and it was all flashing lights inside! ‘Now there’s something to show off to my friends!’ thought Humphrey, as friends quickly gathered round!

Outside the school building Humphrey’s mum and dad, Elijah and Martina, watched as their excited children came to show off their gifts. ‘Thank you so much for coming to us here’ said Elijah, who has worked as a driver on the Firestone plantation for seven years, ‘it means a lot to us!’

Get Involved
Why not get a few of your friends together and have a shoebox coffee morning or pizza evening where you can make the boxes up together – it’s more fun that way!  This is a project for all ages to get involved.  Please help us at Hope Community Church to raise a good number of boxes to send on their journey overseas.

Leaflets with full details of what to pack and what not to pack are available at Café Rendezvous and at Hope Community Church or by visiting the Operation Christmas Child website. You can take your boxes along to either of those venues but no later please than 18th November.

Let’s show God’s love in action and share his love with boys and girls around the world this Christmas by getting involved in this very simple project.

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