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Each year Hope takes a team on a prayer and evangelism mission to the Holy Land. Have you ever wondered what the biblical places you have read about for years really look like? Well the Israel trip might be perfect for you. On this mission you will not only get to discover all the famous places in the Bible, powerfully pray in the Spirit for Israel and share your faith with both Jew and Palestinian but be released to walk out your Christianity in a greater freedom.


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West Bank
Dead Sea
Tel Aviv


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Luke Walks Where Jesus Walked 
When the opportunity arose for me to visit Israel this year I snapped it up with both hands. Even though I have been before I felt an urge from the Spirit to return again. This time round I experienced God do some amazing things in me personally and watched him also work in the lives of those in our team. Over the 10 day we were in Israel I got to share the love of God with both Jew and Palestinian. I saw my team members grow in faith and receive healing of life long physical conditions. It was truly an amazing adventure traveling to all the places where Jesus walked and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to experience God in a greater way.   

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If you would like to walk where Jesus walked and see the beautiful wonder of the Holy Lands we plan to take a team early 2014 to book your place please say hello :)

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