The Sunday Service
The Sunday Service is the focal point of every local church. It is the one time in the week the whole Christian family gets together. It is in these services that believers can worship God through song and prayer, enjoy communion and listen to the word of God being taught to encourage and bring comfort.




Sunday Service 10:30 am to 12:30 pm


Hope Community Church (West London)
184 Horsenden Lane South

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020 8998 8020


God's Provision for Debbie
This year I had to give up some shifts at work because of my health. I was worrying about money and bills, but at church I had heard someone say “if God tells you to do something, do it and don’t worry about it” I never thought any more about this.

The next morning while at work I approached my boss about reducing my shift hours and my boss asked me why? I explained it was because of my health, which she already knew about. She thought that a morning or afternoon cleaning shift would be better for me to give up. However I felt that I had to give up my Lunchtime shift because God was telling me. My boss then asked me what about my financial problems. I replied God will provide for me. I didn’t know why I was saying this because in my head I kept thinking how am I going to pay the bills. Then I heard a still small voice reassure me that I was doing the right thing.

During this whole conversation one of my work colleagues had been observing me talking to my boss and said she could see the pain in my face from the arthritis but at the same time a light shining from me. I explained to her that I was at peace because I was doing what God had told me to do. Since pursuing to follow what God asked me to do my financial needs have been met every month.

Get Involved 

If you have moved into the area lately and are looking for a church or you have questions regarding Christianity and want to discover more please feel free to come along to one of our Sunday services held weekly at Café Rendezvous at 10.30am. Our worship is informal and lively leading to a time of reflection and shared communion. An inspiring talk is given each week (which can be downloaded on iTunes) followed by a time of catching up with friends over a tea or coffee.

To ensure the smooth running of the service each week we need an array of volunteers who set up, welcome, serve refreshments, operate the sound and visuals and give child care and development. Every regular attendee is expected to serve on one of these rotas finding a place of service in the church. If you do not already serve and would like to please say hello :)