Evening Prayers

If a face can launch 1000 ships then prayer can most certainly move a mountain, Everybody prays - even the atheist has been heard to cry out to the God he doesn't believe in. Prayer is the life force of any faith community and every week groups, couples and individuals engage in the activity of prayer at café Rendezvous to ensure the transformation of its community, city and nation. 



Every Thursday Evening

7.30 pm to 9.00 pm


Café Rendezvous
184 Horsenden Lane South

Say hello :)

020 8998 8020



​Dave a Buzz to Pray

"I was first introduced to Hope Community Church a few years ago after being invited to provide some teaching on intercessory prayer.  As I shared then, during much of my early years growing up as a Christian, prayer was more of a burden and something that you had to endure rather than to enjoy.  You knew you needed to pray every day and there was always the weekly church bible study and prayer meeting that you were expected to attend!


However things changed for me in about 2002 after reading Dutch Sheets' book on intercessory prayer.  I discovered that if you sought to pray what God wanted you to pray then you were more likely to see something happen.  The journey since then is now one of excitement as I have seen prayers answered and even "miracles" take place.  Although prayer is simply daily communicating with God, times of prayer with other people give me a real buzz.  For me, prayer is no longer a burden but a blessing!"


Get Involved 
If you have a heart to pray and would like to expand the ministry of prayer at Hope than please say hello. We know prayer has the power to shift situation and nations.