Our Values​

Worship: We believe our greatest joy is to be in worship together giving glory, honour and praise to the Lord.

Word: We believe we should be loyal and obedient to all that scripture teaches.

Prayer:  We believe in humbly depending on God in prayer.

Fellowship:  We believe in supporting one another through small groups, having fun together and standing by each other when we go through difficult time

Value:  We believe every body is made in the image of God and loved by God therefore we value all people equally.

Serve: ​ We believe we should have a servant heart towards our community, meeting the needs of the disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Warfare:  We believe we should take a stand against injustice, oppression and abuse and commit to working for a just and fairer world.

Connected:  We believe in being in touch with the real world and aware of the cultural changes and modern trends that affect the church.

Unity:  We believe in the ministry of the local church and seek partnership with those in our area wherever possible.

Go:  We believe we have a responsibility to world mission and encourage all to consider God’s call to cross-cultural mission

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