Relationships revolve around working and playing together. As a social interactive group events are being arranged all the time to build community and encourage friendships. Café Rendezvous is the hub for most of the events. Come and engage in the events that interest you or stage an event of your own that you feel passionate about that will bring together people of similar interests. The full time team will where possible support you in staging your activity, function or occasion doing all they can to make it a success.



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Café Rendezvous
184 Horsenden Lane South


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We are so much more than just another coffee shop. Café Rendezvous is a home from home for our local community. The aim of Café Rendezvous is to show love to our local community by helping people with their day to day needs.

We host numerous social events and ministries at the Café and would love to see you; do get involved. If you are interested in finding out more about Café Rendezvous then please say hello :)