Ealing Soup Kitchen

Mission teams go from Hope into the local community to meet the needs of those who live restricted lives behind their front doors often in isolation, loneliness and social exclusion. We can help build a better community. Every two months a team takes its turn in volunteering for Ealing Soup Kitchen based at St John’s Church, Mattock Lane, West Ealing. They cook and serve a hot meal to between 80 and 100 clients, making sure the most vulnerable in the borough are catered for.



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St. John's Church

Mattock Lane
West Ealing
W13 9LA

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020 8998 8020


A Volunteer's Story

My first experience of volunteering at Ealing Soup Kitchen was when I signed up to help out with the team at Hope community Church.  I didn't really know what to expect to be honest.  I just knew that I wanted to be part of a team.

The Doors opened and a rush of men and a few women scuttled in and took their places at the tables we  set out. We had a team of about 7 and it was very organised, everyone had their allocated job, washing up, making tea and coffee and serving,. I had been allocated the job as one of the servers at the tables.    I was quite surprised as looking around it occurred to me that  some  people looked fairly clean and well dressed whilst others not so much. My opinion of people who would be using the service  was a stereotype unwashed and smelling of alcohol, or spaced out on drugs, mostly homeless .  It dawned on me as i looked around the room  that some of the people  here came to form companionship's  I could hear conversations going on and some of the regular volunteers knew the guests by name. I realised that being out on the street  must be  a lonely place and we as a nation are very judgmental. Often we look down on those that are less fortunate and take the attitude of,  "just get a job".   It was a definite eye opener and  I am  glad I signed up to help out!   As I served the tables I got a chance to sit and listen to their stories, some of bad luck,  some more complex reasons like addictions or  mental health issues,  some were homeless and some were not . All in all it was a very humbling experience and caused me to rethink my stereotypical judgments. Also I  loved  the fellowship within  the team from the church and the other people involved.   Having the time before the doors opened to pray for the people coming in to use the soup kitchen and pray for protection over us as a team and generally get to know one another, made me feel like i was part of a family. Also the expectation of the holy spirit to fill the place and  work in these guys lives.

When i returned  home, I  reflected on the afternoon and I  remember thinking how blessed I  am to have my home  and  food on my table.  Spending  the afternoon at the soup kitchen   made me appreciate my life, and made me re-think my opinions   We live an abundant life and the world has more than enough food for everyone...  if we share.

Get Invoved
If you are interested in serving at the Ealing Soup Kitchen on one of the dates throughout the year we would love to have you. To find out more information or join the team please say hello :)