Café Rendezvous​​

Cafe Rendezvous is the buzzing hub of Hope Community Church and acts as a platform for the different church ministries and social action projects that take place throughout the week. Hope’s stated mission is to build community and restore hope in Perivale, West London and the cafe does just that, whether it’s through coming in for a coffee and chat, or to find out more information about one of the ministries or social action projects we run. We want to connect with you. ​​



Tuesday to Thursday 10am - 4pm

Café Rendezvous
184 Horsenden Lane South


Say Hello:)

020 8998 8020


Caroline's Road to Recovery

Two years ago after losing my job and going through a long term relationship breakup I was feeling rejected and lonely and had reached a very dark place mentally. Depressed, and living on my own, crying myself to sleep at night, I couldn’t even manage to get myself dressed to get out of bed most days. I really didn’t want to live any longer.


I had also become a very good liar pretending to everyone everything was fine and found solace in alcohol. Hope Community Church was my lifeline. I had seen the coffee shop being built around the corner from where I live, on passing one day I decided to go in. The warmth from the staff and friendly atmosphere put me at ease straight away and as I talked to the people serving I felt safe


Get Involved 

We are so much more than just another coffee shop. Café Rendezvous is a home from home for our local community. The aim of Café Rendezvous is to show love to our local community by helping people with their day to day needs.

We host numerous social action projects and ministries at the Café and would love to see you get involved. If you are interested in finding out more about Café Rendezvous then please say hello :)