Alpha is a 10 week course where you can discover the meaning of life. Have you ever wondered what will happen to you after you die? Is Christianity boring, untrue or irrelevant to your life? What do you really know about Jesus? What about other religions? Alpha is a bit like a search engine, only we are more like a search party, where we meet, eat, socialise and discuss these issues and more. Are you interested? 



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Café Rendezvous
184 Horsenden Lane South


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Shireen Finds Inner Peace 
I was at a point in life where i felt i really needed and wanted to explore the meaning of life Alpha did exactly that, it helped me understand aspects of 'being' that had been previously fogged in my mind. The whole 12 week experience is not to be forgotten, the warmth you feel from food and fellowship right through to energising end of evening discussions...

My own personal highlight was learning about the inner peace that some of us experience and struggle to hold on to, i had a personal inability to hold onto any kind of peace, no matter how hard i tried i couldn't remain still in body or mind...the feeling of peace was always fleeting...not today! With the guidance from mentors and teachers we were encouraged to hold onto the feeling of inner peace through suggestions of prayer and quotes from scripture, it works whilst all other methods had failed (i've tried a few!) I feel alive today, like i have something to live for, a feeling of acceptance in society and a feeling of being at one with those around me...

Mentors and teachers invite you to bring ideas, thoughts, emotions and even doubts to discussion without prejudice.

If your mind is prompting you to do The Alpha, then do it, why wait for tomorrow?!
I promise you will not be disappointed.

Get Involved 
The Alpha Course is run at Café Rendezvous three times a year starting January, April and September and is free to attend. If you are interested in attending or joining the serving team we would love to hear from you. Please say hello :)